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          Clinical Research Seminar About BlockBuster Laryngeal Mask Airway

          Release time:2018-7-21

          On the morning of July 19, 2018, the seminar that summarizes the first phase of multi-center topic clinical research of Blockbuster Laryngeal Mask Airway and initiates the second phase of multi-center topic clinical research was held at the Chinese Museum of Medical Sciences in Changyuan County, Henan Province. Blockbuster Laryngeal Mask Airway multi-center topic clinical research project was put forward in 2015, and successfully started in 2016, for the purpose determining Blockbuster Laryngeal Mask Airway model selection criterion and contrast with Supreme Laryngeal Mask Airway on clinical performance.

          During the meeting, the experts visited the Chinese Museum of Medical Sciences and Research&Development Center successively.

          Visit the Chinese Museum of Medical Sciences and Research&Development Center


              The seminar was presided over by Liang Cunxia, head of Tuoren's airway product line. The participants included Wang Guosheng--the president of Tuoren Group, professor Tian Ming, professor Meng Fanmin, professor Deng Xiaoming, professor Jia Huiqun, professor Han Chongfang, professor Tan Hongyu and 26 experts from friendly hospitals. Mr. Li Dongtao made a speech of welcome at the seminar. Professor Tian Ming and President Wang Guosheng made a speech of the opening ceremony respectively.

          Professor Tian Ming was making a speech


          President Wang Guosheng was making a speech


          Next, professor Tian Ming summarized the research results of the first phase. During the report, professor Tian Ming felt excited and confident on the fruitful results, and expressed sincere gratitude to the experts of 14 units for their hard work.

          Professor Tian Ming was making a report on the results of first phase


          After professor Tian Ming's wonderful report, President Wang Guosheng issued the honorary certificates to the hard-working experts.


          Issue the honorary certificates and take a photo


          Then, the second phase of the multi-center topic clinical research was initiated. The main content discussed is endotracheal tube exchange success rate of Blockbuster Laryngeal Mask Airway.

              Congratulations on the success of Blockbuster Laryngeal Mask Airway multi-center topic clinical research project!

          Take a group photo to mark the occasion

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