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          • Medical Protective Hood
          • Medical Protective Hood
          • Medical Protective Hood
          • Medical Protective Hood

          Medical Protective Hood

          This product has extra large view and the head and face can be protected comprehensively. It has good sealing condition that make it safer. it can prevent intendation from face that is caused by long time wearing
          This product is intended to be used in medical institutions, such as outpatient,ward,laboratory, etc.toisolatepatientormedical staff
          • Product Details

          【Product Name】 

          Medical Productive Hood

          【Type and Specification】

               Type: I, II

               Specification: S,M,L

          【Material and Structure】

          The product is composed of cover body, breathing tube and air supply device. The body is composed of a cover body, a window, an air supply connector, a filter membrane, a plastic spring buckle and a tightening belt. The air supply device is composed of the lower shell of the air supply device, fan control board, battery, inner cover plate gasket, inner cover plate, filter membrane gasket, lower cover of the filter membrane, filter membrane, upper cover of the filter membrane, upper shell of the air supply device, fan gasket, fan, voltage-stabilized plate, alarm circuit board, air outlet, power switch, speed button and charging interface.

          The cap body is made of PE film laminated spunlace non woven fabrics. in the body part of the mask body, the face mask is made of PVC; the  air bag is made of sillicone.  the filter layer is made of non-woven fabric 40g/㎡,electrostatic layer 90g/㎡,melt-blown fabric 25g/㎡, non-woven fabrics 25g/㎡. The outter shell for preventing splash is made of ABS.The protective shield is made of  PET. The fixing band is made of polyester



          Medical Protective Hood

          N95 Mask

          Excellent Filtration



          Excellent Protection



          Damage to facial area


          Integrated design


          (Need to wear medical goggles)

          Preventing Splashing



          It is suitable for primary, secondary and tertiary

          【Application Departments】

                Huoshenshan Hospital Yellow Area, ICU, Epidemic Prevention Command Station, Anesthesiology, Oral Medicine, Pain Management, Emergency Room, Fever Clinic


          Packaging Style

          Packaging Size











          Gross Weight


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